Lemon, Garlic and Oregano Lamb

Lemon, Garlic and Oregano Lamb

This is my new favourite lamb recipe - next to no preparation time and an absolute flavour bomb come dinner time!

1 rolled lamb shoulder
1 bulb of garlic
1 lemon
big bunch fresh oregano
olive oil

Finely chop 2 cloves of garlic and the leaves from the fresh oregano (reserving a few sprigs). Put in a pestle and mortar along with the grated zest of the lemon, a big pinch each of salt and pepper, and a small drizzle of olive oil. Mash together to make a rub for the lamb.

Rub your lamb shoulder all over with HALF of the mixture, then pop into the slow cooker along with a few slices of lemon, the rest of the bulb of garlic sliced in two, a few sprigs of oregano, and a cup of water. I put the lamb shoulder in at lunchtime and just left it on low until dinner.

When you’re nearly ready to eat, add the juice from the rest of the lemon and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil to the leftover rub, and whisk it up to make a dressing. Serve the lamb drizzled with the oregano and lemon dressing, along with some new potatoes and green veg. Who knew slow-cooked lamb could taste so summery?